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Gold Coast Shade Sails Handyman/Tradesman Shade Sail Installations

Gold Coast Shade Sails can design and manufacture a shade sail project for you to install yourself. While we don’t recommend “doing it yourself” many people do have the appropriate skill set and just need the sail made so they can install it themselves. We can help you from simply supplying the sail ready to install, through to helping you design and engineer your project, and even supplying the steel and other fittings pre-made ready for you to put together!

Why not give us a call today and find out how we can assist you put your shade sail project together, even if you want to “do it yourself”.

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If you are interested in exploring options for a “do it yourself” shade sail project, we can help! Get in touch with us today to find out more!

Do It All, Or Just Do a Little

Whether you want to tackle the whole shade sail project yourself and just want a little guidance, or if you want to dig the holes and put up the poles and attach the sails yourself, so long as they are already made to fit – we can assist you.

Whatever your handyman  needs, we’ve got you covered! Call us now to chat about how we can help!

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Handyman/Tradesman Shade Sails

If you have the skills and tools to do it properly, you will be enjoying the benefits of your “Do It Yourself” shade sails for years to come!

While you can save a lot of money by installing your shade sails yourself, they can be tricky to get right and you should be confident that you can handle the challenge before you start!

Off-the-shelf types of handyman shade sails are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours to match different outdoor areas. Rectangular shade sails are great for backyards, while square shade sails are ideal for patios and decks. Triangular sails are also available, however these are even more difficult to install, and these more complex designs should be taken on only by those with good skills.

The different shaped and sized shade sails can be bought off the shelf in a variety of colours. Some come with instructions on how to install them. However, when buying off the shelf you will be limited to the sizes and shapes available, so they may not suit the location and area you want to cover.

If you have an odd shape or something different in mind you will need to have the shade sail custom made. Gold Coast Shade Sails is happy to assist you. As long as the specifications are true and accurate you shouldn’t have any problems with the installation process. We can also advise on what is required, even designing and engineering your poles, structures and anchors, ready for you to do the labour of installation yourself.

You can read more about handyman shade sail considerations in our blog post here..

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