Shade Sail Applications for Schools

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Gold Coast Shade Sails for Schools

Gold Coast Shade Sails has supplied many schools with shade sails to cover playgrounds, lunch and resting spaces, verandahs, and more. We use quality materials and install to a high standard.

We have a proven track record of being able to design, manufacture, install and deliver large projects and special installations.

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Gold Coast Shade Sails is the most experienced shade sail company on the Gold Coast. We’ve got the schools covered!


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Sun Protection for Children and Staff

The sun safety of our children is very important. Shade sails are being used all around the country to fulfill the school’s duty of care for both the children and the staff.

Gold Coast Shade Sails has got you covered so that children and staff can enjoy their play and relax time without excessive sun exposure.

beutifyng outdoor spaces at schools

Shade Sails for Schools


Queensland schools typically have large spaces of outdoor area that can be utilized for most of the year. The oval is a space that doesn’t need to be covered! And the concert hall, or sports hall is already enclosed! However, there are many spaces that don’t get used enough because they are exposed to the elements.

Shade sails can make many of these areas, not only usable, but favorite places for children and staff to play and relax during lunch breaks and recess times.

For example, solid roof structures for lunch sheds can be terribly noisy, whereas a similar structure with a curved PVC shade sail type roof allows the breeze to roll through, the sun and rain to be sheltered and the noise to dissipate! Playground areas can be sheltered from the sun using permeable UV protection cloth, walkways and breezeways made with PVC shade sails are more economical to install, and garden and study areas can be created in interesting nooks that were previously unused.

Gold Coast Shade Sails has a lot of experience in designing and installing various structures for schools. We understand the mix between aesthetic and practical, and we build to the highest specification.

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