Swimming Pool Shade Sails

shade sails over swimming pool areas to extend usibility

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Gold Coast Shade Sails Swimming Pool Shades

Gold Coast Shade Sails can provide shade sails that enhance your pool area, providing protection from the sun, more enjoyable and usable outdoor space and protection from the weather.

We are able to customize your shade sails with unique designs and top quality engineering that adds value to your property.

Council pools also require shading – we’ve got you covered no matter how large or small the area you need to shade.

extend outdoor swimming pool areas with shade sails

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If you are interested in exploring swimming pool shade sail possibilities why not get in touch with us today! We will help you make your pool area the perfect outdoor area for you.

Beautiful Additions to Your Pool Area

Whether you have a large swimming pool or just a wading pool, adding Gold Coast Shade Sails shading to your outdoor area is a very cost effective and beautiful solution.

For swimming pool shades, we’ve got you covered!

beustify the swimming pool areas with shade sails

Shade Sails for Swimming Pools


Having a swimming pool is great! You’ve invested considerably to make that happen, so why not think about enhancing the outdoor life even more by adding shade sails to your pool area?

The first advantage of having a shade sail over all or some of your pool is that is will cut down on harmful UV exposure as you enjoy the benefits of your swim and play. It’s a bit sad if the kids can’t spend their holiday time out in the pool in case they get burnt to a crisp!

By creatively using shade sails you can utilise even more of your outdoor areas; swimming pool, BBQ, entertaining area, an even making those areas interconnect. Shade sails used this way can extend the usability of your outdoor areas in a manner that doesn’t shut you off from being outdoors like a metal or tiled roofed areas do.

Gold Coast Shade Sails can help you design a colourful, creative, artistic, fun, functional space that really brings your backyard and pool to life!

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