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Dirty shade sails wear faster

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Gold Coast Shade Sails for Insurance Jobs, Repairs and Cleaning

Gold Coast Shade Sails are the Gold Coast’s favoured insurance repairers for storm damage, accidental damage and other repairs under insurance.

Even if it is not an insurance job we will clean, service and repair small tears and holes with minimum fuss and expense for you.

We highly recommend regular maintenance and cleaning. Cleaning keeps the shade cloth in much better condition. Dirt can clog the fibres and cause abrasion between fibres. This results in tears and holes in your shade sails, or weaknesses that render the shade sail too easy to damage in storms.

Like all assets, looking after your shade sails will keep them in tip top condition and extend their life.

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If you need a quote on your repair, cleaning or insurance job, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Put your mind at rest and find out if we can fix it, before you replace it!


Keep Your Structures Clean and In Good Repair

Whether you need an extensive repair after storm damage, or you just want your shade sails and umbrellas looking like new again, we have got you covered.

Contact us for a quote – you may be surprised to find the shade sail you thought was going to have to be replaced may actually be repairable, saving you a bundle!

Insurance Jobs, Repairs, Maintenance


Gold Coast Shade Sails is proud to be a preferred company for most of the major Queensland and NSW insurance companies. This means that you can be confident in adding our quote to your Insurer’s requirements, and having your insurance job fulfilled to budget, and in an “as-good-as-new” condition.

Why are we a preferred company? Simple! We have been serving the shade sail industry on the Gold Coast the longest and have been working with the Insurance companies successfully for decades! Our work is to the highest standards, we complete your repairs quickly, and while we are not the cheapest, we do deliver our Insurance repairs in an economical manner – meaning your insurance bills won’t rise too much due to expensive claims!

Shade sails should be kept in good repair. A clean sail is more hygienic of course, but it will last longer and withstand storms better as well. Dirt and mould can weaken the fibres of the cloth. Rust can damage the anchor points. Minor degradation around eyelets can quickly turn disastrous in a storm. The list goes on.

The ideal strategy to keep you shade sails in good repair is to book an inspection and clean on an annual basis. We can give your shade sails a scrub, an anti-mould treatment if required, and give you an early warning of any repairs that are needed. Like the old saying goes – “a stitch in time, saves nine”!

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