About Gold Coast Shade Sails

Gold Coast Shade Sails caters for all Shade Sail Applications

Residential  and Handyman Installations

Where ever you need shade or shelter and you don’t want to spend large sums of money, or undertake major building works, shade sails could potentially solve your dilemma!

Need a new carport, a cover for your boat, to extend an outdoor area, to shelter your swimming pool, or make your BBQ area usable all year ’round?

Gold Coast Shade Sails can undertake all stages of planning, design, engineering, manufacturing and installation so that you are covered as quickly and as fuss free as possible.

About Shade Sails

Shade sails are made from permeable fabric that is light weight and can be stretched to give a smooth wrinkle free effect. They are designed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing, providing cover, shade and protection from the sun, rain and weather.

There are a large range of colours available and Gold Coast Shade Sails designs your shade sail to be a beautiful addition to any space.

Anchor points for the shade sails can be walls, metal posts, trees, timber structures or bearers in a roof. Anchor point type and placement are just one of the ways that we create your unique shade sail design. The shape of the sail also creates design features.

Different materials add different uses and practicalities to shade sails – vinyl material adds a weather proof aspect, while shade cloth protects form the sun but allow air flow. We only use the best quality fabrics in all of our shade sails.

What to Expect from Gold Coast Shade Sails

Gold Coast Shade Sails is the “Original and the Best” shade sail provider on the Gold Coast. We have been in operation for nearly two decades and have seen many “fly-by-nighters” come and go! 

Our work has covered manufacturing small shades for handyman projects through to major corporate and council structures.

Gold Coast Shade Sails adheres to very high design and engineering standards that set us apart from the crowd. We only use the best quality fabrics and take a great deal of care with our installations. We have hundreds of satisfied clients whose shade sails have become assets to their property.

Featured Shade Sail Applications

For nearly two decades Gold Coast Shade Sails have been locally manufacturing and installing premium quality shade sails to the Gold Coast.

With an honest approach to our customers, quality installations, and fair pricing policies, we have grown to be one of the most respected Shade Sail suppliers, and one of the best!

residential applications for shade sails


Residential applications for shade sails can include verandahs, carports, swimming pool areas, BBQ areas and more.

commercial shade sail applications

Repairs and Maintenance

Clean and well maintained shade sails last longer and are harder to damage in storms. We are preferred insurance repairers.

kindergatern and child care shade sails

Kindy and Child Care

Kindergartens and Child Care Centres need to take extra care of children with shade sails for outdoor areas.

swimming pool shade sails areas

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools can easily be sheltered and shaded with shade sails, adding value to your property.

swimming pool shade sails areas


Schools can make use of outdoor areas and protect staff and children from the weather with shade sails.

playground shade sails


Every playground, whether public or private, needs shelter from the sun and elements. Shade sails are perfect for the job.

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