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Gold Coast Shade Sails for Residential Applications

Need a carport or boat or caravan shelter? Shade for the pool? A less expensive verandah solution? Shade over the kid’s play area, or a featured shade sail over the decking? Gold Coast Shade Sails uses only quality shade material and structures so that your new addition adds value to your property.

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Our Measure & Quote Process

If you are looking at carport, boat shelter, verandah or other shade possibilities why not get in touch with us today! When we do your measure and quote we give you options and ideas for how to shade your particular area.

Beautiful Additions to Your Residence

Whether you are in a large residential building, a unit with a balcony, or a house with a front or back yard, Gold Coast Shade Sails will design a beautiful shade sail, or carport that will be functional as well as adding value to your property.

For all of your residential shade needs, we’ve got you covered!

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Residential Shade Sails – Carports

Generally residential carport shade sails are installed over the front driveway of the property. They would usually cover 1 to 3 cars. Most of the time permeable shade cloth is used to keep the sun away from the vehicles. These shade sails also offer some protection from hail damage as well.

Depending on the budget, there could be 1 or 2 shade sails installed.  The simplest type of shade sail is a square or rectangular shape that has four anchor points, two attached to roof brackets and the other two to two upright poles on either side of the driveway. While there is nothing wrong with the look they don’t add the same aesthetic value that twin triangular shade sails offer.

It is also possible to use sail track as an alternative to roof brackets. To use sail track there has to be a flat surface for the sail track can be attached to. This surface must be strong enough to withstand the force of a stretching shade sail. We can let you know what type of anchor points your particular dwelling could utilize when we do your measure and quote.

Our favourite designs include 2 or more triangular shade sails. There are a variety of ways to anchor these shade sails, however, there must be three anchor points for each shade sail. A popular way to install two triangular shade sails is to use the same upright poles and position the shade sails at different heights. This can give various designs while maintaining the functionality of the shade sails. Using different coloured sails, with the different angles, can generate some beautiful effects.

A well designed carport shade sail will look great, and it will usually add value to the property as well.

Gold Coast Shade Sails has been manufacturing and installing these types of shade sails for over twenty years.

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